Cost & Value

How do the costs of living at Spring Mill stack up to other residential options?

Compared to other retirement communities, Spring Mill offers a strong value. While the price structure at many communities includes a high entrance fee, Spring Mill’s fees are very reasonable. Many communities also have
à-la-carte pricing, which means that costs are unpredictable and can increase significantly when higher levels of care are required. At Spring Mill, one inclusive monthly fee covers all services and care needed, now and in the future. You’ll know what your expenses will be for as long as you are a resident at Spring Mill.

Now let’s look at how living at Spring Mill compares with living in your home. On the surface, staying in your residence might seem less expensive. However, even if your home is paid off, the costs associated with it can drive up expenses quickly. You might be surprised at how much you can save by living at Spring Mill, where one monthly fee covers living expenses, such as mortgage/rent, taxes, homeowner’s insurance, maintenance, utilities, food and other costs. Other Spring Mill amenities can also lower your expenses: our on-campus fitness center can replace an expensive gym membership and using our convenient shuttle for appointments can lower your gas costs.

Best of all, Spring Mill is one of the area’s few nonprofit communities, which means you’ll have peace of mind, knowing that even if your financial situation changes through no fault of your own, you’ll always have a home here.

Whether your preference is a cozy studio or a spacious two-bedroom residence, a personal care apartment or a memory support neighborhood, Spring Mill has a variety of living options that will satisfy your wants, your needs and your budget. Two options that many of our residents are pleased to hear about:

  • A resident can continue to live in an independent living apartment while receiving personal care.
  • One member of a couple can receive personal care and continue to reside in an independent living apartment with his or her spouse.

Our experienced team can walk you through an in-depth comparison of costs at Spring Mill and your current expenses for mortgage/rent, taxes, homeowner’s insurance, maintenance, utilities, food and more. We can also refer you to our preferred financial advisors, who can help you determine what you can afford, what your monthly budget should be and where your assets lie, so that you can decide which living option will work best for you.

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To find out how much a move to Spring Mill might save you, now or in the future, please fill out our contact form or call 610-260-1175 to speak with our marketing team. We will happily discuss your options and answer any questions you may have.