Making Transitions Easier

We certainly can appreciate that a decision to move to a retirement community may not come easily. If you’re helping someone research senior living options, Spring Mill’s experienced and compassionate team is here to assist you. We can help you compare and find the right fit, without intruding on sensitive family discussions.

If your parent or someone you love has not brought up the subject of how he or she will live a safe, happy and stress-free life in the years ahead, maybe it’s time for you to start the conversation.

Here are a few common phrases we often hear. Do any of these sound familiar?

“Can I afford this?” Homeowners insurance, school taxes, utilities, food and entertainment– it all adds up! When you compare staying home to the amenities and benefits of moving to a community, you’ll see the savings right there on paper. Want to take the next step? Call us to review financial information. By answering a few simple questions including basic income and assets we can help give you the tools to make the best decision.

“My health is good, why should I move?” Being part of our community for people 62 and better isn’t just about having peace of mind that future care is available, should you need it. It’s about shedding responsibilities, bills, and unforeseen expenses. Do you see yourself learning a new language, exploring a passion for oil painting, writing a book, or exploring the town? Letting go of the things you have to do gives you the freedom to do all the things you want to do.

“My memory isn’t what it used to be, but I don’t want lose my independence” At Spring Mill, we believe in creating safe environments that promote independence in all levels of care. Our compassionate personal care team members can provide daily assistance and reminders and residents and family members know that the additional memory support of Cedar Grove neighborhood is right on campus, if needed.

“After 55 years in my home, I can’t decide what to do with everything” Our residents will tell you one of the best decisions they made was enlisting the help of a professional, who assists with planning, packing, moving, and yes – unpacking! Ask us for our list of local professionals, all highly recommended by Spring Mill residents.

Choosing Memory Support

Making the decision to seek specialized memory support can be difficult and stressful. Sometimes the signs are gradual; at other times, they seem to come on more suddenly — especially if you don’t live nearby and haven’t seen your family member recently. Here are a few signs that memory support might be the right decision:

  • Your family member seems to be experiencing memory loss, confusion, disorientation or agitation.
  • Your family member seems to be demonstrating physical changes, such as losing or gaining weight or having issues with personal hygiene.
  • Needing extra encouragement to socialize and to participate in previously enjoyable activities.
  • You may see that medication is not being taken as prescribed and reminders to ensure good hygiene.
  • You observe unpaid bills and clutter piling up.
  • You may notice that your family member become overwhelmed or anxious in larger settings and has difficulty completing thoughts or expressing needs.

These are just a few possible signs that memory support might be right for someone you love. If you need help determining whether this type of support could improve your family member’s quality of life, give us a
call at 610-260-1175.

Taste, Tour and Explore

Some of the best ways to explore living at Spring Mill are to take a tour, stay for a meal or come for a class or concert. Give us a call and talk to one of our sales consultants to arrange a convenient firsthand experience of our lively community. Sometimes, all it takes is one visit to discover what true independence feels like and find out how welcoming a senior living community can be. There’s no pressure here, simply explore at your own pace.

Whether you’ve just started the discussion, or you’re ready to make a decision, it’s always the right time to reach out. We’re here to answer your questions, whatever they may be, so give us a call at 610-260-1175.